In addition to curricular and research requirments, T-RUST students will be engaging with stake holders and their community by, securing and completing a summer internship, participating in T-RUST seminars and colloquia, fulfilling a minimum of 20 hours per year of community service with a T-RUST collaborating organization, and developing a video documentary of the team doctoral or masters research project together with their T-RUST peers.


Student internships are an integral part of the T-RUST program. Internships broaden each student’s skill set and education by providing both the context and a vehicle for diverse interdisciplinary experiences. Every T-RUST student completes at least one internship that complements their research project and provides career development and networking opportunities, while allowing them to become more involved outside Wayne State.

T-RUST Internships

Seminars and Colloquia

Seminars and colloquia play a pivotal role in strengthening communication skills while providing opportunities to share and disseminate interdisciplinary research. Seminars and colloquia serve to connect current issues, concepts and practices across discipline-specific content areas. In doing so, these tools expand the knowledge base of T-RUST students into new areas, building upon a students’s growing interdisciplinary experience.

T-RUST Seminars

Community Service

T-RUST community service opportunities connect students with community organizations, neighborhoods, local schools, and local government while instilling a greater understanding of cultural values, the role of local activism, communication of scientific knowledge, and values associated with ecology. The program’s extensive network of partners and advisory board members allow for a wide variety of readily accessible opportunities.

T-RUST Community Service

Video Documenary

Graduate student filmmaking activities are incorporated into the course Risk Communication and Public Health and are facilitated by Communication Department faculty. The films are intended to convey information regarding STEM disciplines to a new generation of interdisciplinary scientists. Films may vary in style, taking the form of Public Service Announcements intended to air on public TV, YouTube, or other outlets.

T-RUST Video Documentary