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Opportunities for Involvement

Submit and Existing Internship

Submit an Internship

Organizations that have an existing internship opportunity, can submit their internship recruitment materials via this file upload service. T-RUST internships are meant to allow students to build competencies in problem-solving, research, communication, and collaboration.

Develop an Internship

Propose an Internship

Organizations proposing an internship for T-RUST students should complete the following form. This form is especially useful to those organizations who have not yet finished developing an internship and would like to colaborate with T-RUST students and administrators directly in solidifying every detail.

Submit a Project Idea

Propose a Project

Propose a project for T-RUST student research. Student research in the T-RUST program engages an interdisciplinary team that responds to significant urban sustainability issues. Each team collaborates on a research project that is designed to form the basis for one chapter of a student’s thesis.