The Curriculum

The Competency Model and Curriculum

The T-RUST program is based on a competency model to ensure interdisciplinary success. The competency model is composed of five domains further subdivided into 19 competencies and is constantly being refined and validated with input from our advisory board to reflect workforce demand, strengthen Curriculum Relevancy, and maximize Community Impact. Using this approach not only has the potential to reduce academic bias, but also allows the T-RUST curriculum and activities to be anchored in authentic urban sustainability needs and priorities.

All program courses have been aligned to the competency model. An Individual Development Plan is developed collaboratively between the student and their major advisor during the student’s first semester. The student and faculty review the plan once per semester to provide mutual feedback, confirm next steps, and update the plan as required, based on the student’s performance, progression, research interests, and career goals. This approach to formative evaluation provides an ongoing training and vocational feedback mechanism to ensure that students successfully progress through the program.