T-RUST Program
Course Requirements

Available Courses

Students admitted to a T-RUST associated graduate program can apply to become a T-RUST trainee. Students will be required to select courses from the table below, as advised by their T-RUST advisor. Courses not listed below may be requested for inclusion in their Plan of Work, pending approval from their advisor and the Program Director. Succesful completion of the T-RUST program includes completing the courses required by the T-RUST program as well as the courses assigned by the student's current or forthcoming departmental degree program. More Info

Students are required to take 5 of the 6 core courses plus 12 elective credits, of which 5 can be from the student’s home discipline.

Core Courses
Department Class Number Class Name Credits
Anthropology ANT 5060/ 7xxx Urban Anthropology 3
Biology BIO 7310 Sustainability of Urban Environmental Systems 2
C&E Engineering CE 5610/7XXX Energy, Emission, Environment 3
Sociology SOC 7200 Advanced Survey of Approaches and Techniques of Social Research 3
Communication COM 7170 Risk and Health Communication (online) 3
Graduate School GS 0900 Essential Research Practices: Responsible Conduct of Research 0
Cross-Listed UP 6470/BIO 6xxx Environmental Planning & Urban Ecology 3
Elective Courses
Department Class Number Class Name Credits
Anthropology ANT 5565 Urban Archaeology 3
Anthropology ANT 6570 Archaeology Laboratory Analysis 3
Biology BIO 5040 Biometry 4
Biology BIO 5180 Molecular Aquatic Ecology 3
Biology BIO 7540 Landscape Ecology 3
Biology BIO 6420 Ecotoxicology 3
C&E Engineering CE 7995 River Assessment and Restoration 4
C&E Engineering CE 6270 Sustainability Assessment & Management 3
C&E Engineering CE 7280 Applied Environmental Microbiology 3
Communication COM 6140 Public Relations Theory 3
Communication COM 6250 Organizational Communication 3
Communication COM 7520 Theories of Media Effects 3
Communication COM 7160 Crisis Communication 3
Economics ECO 5230 Environmental Economics 4
Economics ECO 6200 Advanced Regulation and Regulated Industries 4
Economics ECO 6520 State & Local Public Finance 4
Economics ECO 6800 Urban Economics 4
FM & Public Health FPH 7420 Principles of Environmental Health 4
Geology GEL 5000 Geological Site Assessment 4
Geology GEL 5510 Environmental Fate and Transport of Pollutants 4
Geology GEL 5650 Applied Geological Mapping 4
Geology GEL 5610 Global Change and the Ecohydrology of Cities 1
Geology GEL 5360 Physical Hydrology of Natural and Urban Systems 3
Law LEX 7231 Environmental Law 3
Cross-Listed PHC 7410/BIO 7011 Principles of Toxicology 3
Cross-Listed PSC/CE 6910 Pharmaceutical Waste: Env Impact & Management 3
Sociology SOC 6750 Sociology of Urban Health 3
Sociology SOC 7350 Urban Poverty and Racial Segregation 3
Sociology SOC 8802 Topics in Urban Sociology 3
Sociology SOC 8805 Sociology of Urban and Labor Studies 3
Urban Planning UP 5110 Urban Planning Processes 3
Urban Planning UP 5430 Cities and Food 3
Urban Planning UP 6120 Planning Studies and Methods 3
Urban Planning UP 6260 Land Use Policy and Planning 3
Urban Planning UP 6700 Geographic Information Systems 4